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CABLE DRAG CHAIN provides protection to cables & hoses & support them for smother & controlled Movement on machine of all the types, particularly where there is a forth & back operation. It is also suitable for horse conveying gaseous or liquid media. It can be used for horizontal, vertical, circular, combine horizontal & vertical application. It ensures enhances life of cables & hoses.

The standard Drag chains are available in th­e pitch of 65mm, 95mm, 125mm, & 180mm & in require radius. The stay which support the cable can be provided unsplit types or Split type. The split type stay offers easy fitments & removal of cable & hoses.

For optimum life of Drag chain a clean face surface should be provided. In circumstances where clean face surface is not possible it can be supplied with trough. In circumstances cable or hoses are open to dust or hot chips the drag chain can be supplied with steel bend covering.


The Drag chain in plastic mound for light weight cables & hoses & salient features are less weight, low noise, none corrosive, easy assembly & easy to handle.

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